Did you know the regulations are changing in Aesthetics?

By Phil / May 3rd, 2013

There’s been a lot of television and media coverage focusing on the cosmetic and aesthetic field of medicine. You may have heard after the PIP breast implant scandal that Sir Bruce Keough was put in charge of assessing and suggesting changes to how treatments and procedures are carried out and by whom.

Whilst there is a whirl wind stirring on front pages, magazine columns and on the television- you can rest assured there remains a calm and ready environment at Cherrybank Dental Spa. Priding ourselves on delivering tip top treatments for our clients, we have been keeping up to date and developing our skills for years. As guidelines are tightened and come in to force next year, we want you to know that you remain in safe hands.

Here’s a summary of what has happened in the past, the current situation and what’s likely to be in store by April 2014.

Until recently and more specifically to Facial Aesthetics, there has been little regulation on training for professionals, who can gain access to product and where treatments are carried out. Did you know in the USA only 6 types of dermal filler are regulated for human use? In the UK there are roughly 130 types available to purchase and they are not all regulated. (NB. We only use market leading, regulated products)

Given that with any surgical and non surgical treatment in cosmetics and aesthetics there is a risk of side effects, this is not ideal. A client should be made fully aware of potential side effects and be in the care and environment of a practitioner suitably qualified on minimising the risks and who can manage them when they happen. Side effects vary and can be small, for instance bruising or more extreme requiring medical knowledge and skills.

Training of procedures vary vastly. Previously anyone who has the confidence to do so could set up a training course which may only last one day and give you a certificate, often of attendance. Medical companies put no regulation on who could purchase products because their goal has been to sell. And we’ve all heard about the Botox parties… which sweeps away a hygienic environment, avoiding alcohol for twenty four hours recommendation, potential peer pressure, confidentiality etc… Not at all ideal or professional.

The current situation is that the public are getting smarter about ensuring they are in safe hands. This is good. We welcome the media’s involvement in raising public awareness. At Cherrybank Dental Spa we have always advocated educating the patient, providing the best services and being our professional best. We spend many hours and dedicate much grey matter to being the lead in our field. So while this report and media storm may seem current… We have known for many years that in an unregulated field we must continue to act with the utmost professionalism and deliver the highest and best quality care and service. This upheaval in the current climate sees us as continuing to act as we have always done.

Patients at Cherrybank Dental Spa expect the highest level of care and we deliver it. Next year the government will pass a bill which may ensure practitioners;

  • all follow a code of professional conduct
  • gain access to medicines legally
  • are highly experienced and qualified
  • and that treatments are managed as are complications all within a medical grade facility

Our client base is varied. We have men and women, ages range over 4 or 5 decades, all professions and we cater to all.

Similarly people have Aesthetic treatments for different reasons. The one common denominator is that our clients want to feel better, more confident and/or ward off signs of ageing. Your treatments and results are central to something very important to us. That’s you.

So, it stands that what Government recommendations will be made early in 2014 – we at Cherrybank Dental Spa have been providing this for you all along.

Last updated May 2nd, 2018