Diabetes and Periodontal (Gum) Disease

By Cherrybank Admin / April 18th, 2019

Have you ever considered the strong links that exist between diabetes and periodontal (gum) disease?

Gum disease is the sixth most common disease in the world and those with diabetes are more likely to experience gum disease if they have had poorly controlled sugar levels over a sustained period of time.

High blood sugar levels lead to damage of blood vessels resulting in a poor supply of oxygen to the gums and tissues surrounding teeth. This can cause loss of bone and supporting structures around the teeth, and eventually tooth loss.

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can also increase levels of glucose in the saliva creating a perfect environment for bacteria to cause both decay and gum disease. 

The converse is also true; out of control gum disease can cause long term inflammation which, in turn, can affect blood sugar levels. The two are inextricably linked.

Those with pre-diagnosed diabetes should have six monthly dental checks and should see the hygienist regularly to keep their gum health under observation. (Dr Jodie Fulton, Associate Dentist, Cherrybank Dental Spa)

At Cherrybank Dental Spa Perth we undertake the monitoring of your blood sugar levels at your Dental Health Review as part of our holistic treatment of your oral, and general, health.

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Last updated April 18th, 2019