Dental Hygiene and Therapy Awards

By Phil / January 22nd, 2013

he very first Dental Hygiene and Therapy Awards 2012 were being held in London December 2012 and both myself and Gayle Kiddie Dental Therapist were ecstatic to have been short listed.  Gayle was short listed for Young Dental Hygienist and Therapist of the Year which I suppose by default I was up for “old” Hygienist of the year.


Leading up to the award ceremony I thought that one of us could be lucky because I know the care and service we give to our patients is second to none.  I have worked at Cherrybank Dental Spa for 10 years and have helped develop the protocols for the care we give to our patients.  Our Hygienists and therapists are such a strong devoted team, we encourage each other, share ideas, always keep up to date on the latest research so we can deliver an up to date bespoke care to our patients.  I do love my job and am know to go on a bit!!!

VIDEO: See me being interviewed after receiving the award


So back to the awards it was held in the Vinopolis in London.  The venue was beautiful, it was very glamorous and it was wonderful catching up with some dental colleagues.

We had lovely company at our table for dinner and then the awards ceremony started!!! There were lots of categories all related to preventive dentistry, innovative ideas, marketing and charity.  For each award there was a highly commended award and the winning award.  The final award was the The Dental Hygienist and Therapist of the year.

I could not believe my ears when I heard my name being called for the Highly Commended Hygienist of the year.  No 2 in the Uk.  I’m usually very celebratory at awards but I felt very humbled.  I was and still am delighted with the award.  So many congratulations came my way, I was photographed and filmed against the backdrop of the sponsors.  God bless my daughter she told everyone I was on the red carpet – I just went along with it.


The awards started at 12 and finished at 5 and we joined some colleagues of ours for dinner at Nobu in Park Lane then partied more. What a brilliant end to a wonderful day.

Although I won the award, I represent all of our Dental Hygienist and Therapists at Cherrybank Dental Spa in the excellent clinical skills and care we deliver to our patients.

So many of my lovely patients supported the award entry and so a big thank you to them and to the team at Cherrybank Dental Spa Perth and Edinburgh.


By Flora Couper, Dental Hygienist in Perth

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