Cherrybank’s Dr Halley Visits ‘Silicon Glen’

By Phil / February 12th, 2013

In January, I travelled to the home of Apple near San Francisco to attend a limited attendance course at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Advanced Dental Education. The course was limited to 16 attendees and myself and our ceramist Gary Jenkinson were the only attendees from Europe. The other participants included dentists and technicians from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, New Zealand, Mexico and of course the US.

We were very privileged to take part in the first ever hands-on course over four days delivered by Christian Coachman who is a dual qualified ceramist and dentist from Brazil. He is immensely talented and has worked with some of the best dentists in the world.

My reason for attending is that he has taken the concept of Digital Smile Design or DSD to a new level. For many years, at Cherrybank in Perth and Edinburgh, we have utilised digital technology to help our patients understand what is going on in their mouths. We have used digital photography and smile imaging to let our patients see the possibilities of using porcelain dental veneers or implants to improve the appearance of their smile.

DSD takes this to a new level and includes the translation of exact information to the dental ceramist or technician so that everyone is involved in the planning stages of a smile. Believe it or not, Keynote (Apple’s version of powerpoint) is one of the most powerful tools when used in a sophisticated manner to calibrate the digital image against the real mouth situation. Utilising special photographic lighting to accentuate the teeth and to analyse the smile in the context of the whole face, DSD can be used to calibrate the digital situation right through to the teeth that the ceramist builds first as mock-up and then as the final smile.

The aim is to increase the effectiveness of treatment planning and for everyone, dentist, ceramist and the most important patient (!) to have full input into designing the final outcome – so that the solution is absolutely planned to perfection!

By Dr Elaine Halley

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