Cherrybank visits Toronto, Canada for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD)

By Steve / May 24th, 2016

I recently attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Annual Scientific meeting which was held 27-30 April 2016 in Toronto, Canada.american-academy-of-cosmetic-dentistry

The theme of this year’s meeting was on design, implementation and realisation.  For me as a Practice Manager, it was about learning new ways that we could improve not only the clinical side of Cherrybank but also the non-clinical side and how we could implement these teachings into our everyday lives.  One thing about attending the AACD is you leave feeling you could do anything.  It was a highly motivating and educational experience this year.

Jillian Melloy, Gail Dow, Elaine Halley

Jillian Melloy, Gail Dow, Elaine Halley

A speaker who really made an impact on me was Walter Bond, an NBA basketball player turned business coach/motivational speaker.  His talk was titled Think, Execute, Dominate.  It was all to do with being the best at what you do and following through with your plan.  If you think you will not be able to achieve something you probably will not, but if you think BIG and do what you say you are going to do every day, constantly analysing your performance you will become the best you can be.  He was amazing.  I downloaded his Ebook during his lecture and I am constantly reading extracts from it to keep me focused.

Kirk Behrendt gave an outstanding lecture.  He is a dental practice coach.  He discussed elements that make a dental practice successful and how to promote continual growth as well as how to authentically inspire your team to stay fully engaged.  He had so much information in his lecture and was so enthusiastic that I was exhausted at the end of his session and this was only day one!

I went onto attend a further 3 lectures by different practice coaches/business management consultants  (Bill Blatchford, Kerry Straine & Roger Levin ) who all want to share their wisdom and expertise on how to help you transform your practice.  The common thread that ran through all the lectures was “it’s all about the patient journey” and how we made the patients feel.- the dentistry was second to that. They encouraged us to constantly measure our performance and look to improve continuously. This is and always will be something that I and Cherrybank are passionate about, so this was very encouraging.

I also attended a couple of clinical lectures – in particular one by Dr Florin Coufer, a Romanian dentist who along with a Brazilian dentist Dr Christian Coachman have revolutionalised Digital Dentistry worldwide.  The way he captures the emotion displayed by a patient when they first see the possibilities of their smile in their own mouths is breathtaking. This is something we are trying to achieve at Cherrybank.  This lecture helped me to better understand the concept of this and what we still need to do.

Overall it was an action-packed, fun-filled, mentally exhausting 4 days in Toronto but well worth it.  I have action plans, to do lists and books to read. Can’t wait to get started!


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