Cherrybank Visits Conference in South Africa

By Phil / February 26th, 2013

We was asked to go on the trip by Smile-on who are an online education company and we were partners with The University of Manchester.

What an experience! The conference was held in the Vineyard Resort in Capetown and included lecturers from African countries and Europeans such as from Denmark and Germany. I was talking on Diagnosis and Case Presentation and gave a lecture on the Friday to over 150 dentists and technicians – followed by a hands-on on the Saturday to a small group where I was teaching minimally invasive veneer preparation and smile design. I was quite nervous as this was the first time I had switched my presentations into keynote from PowerPoint!!

The star of my lecture was one of our Perth veneer patients who had her smile transformed with minimally invasive digital smile design and veneer preparation in my Perth practice. It was such a joy to share pictures of this delightful young lady whose confidence in her smile has been transformed by porcelain veneers!

Organising a hands-on in another country was something of a challenge to say the least! I am very grateful to my sponsors DMG who provided a lot of the materials and to my ceramist Gary Jenkinson who provided the models of teeth for the students to work on. In addition, the South African representatives from Dentsply and Wrights Milliners were life-savers at the eleventh hour providing handpieces and extra bits I needed. Interestingly – Wrights is a Dundee company who I equipped all of Cherrybank Perth with 18yrs ago!!

On the Sunday – I managed to spend some time on a tour of the cape before my flight in the evening. What a wonderful country – I hope to return soon with my family next time!

My thanks again to Noam Tamir and Smile-on for inviting me to lecture!


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