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By Phil / August 5th, 2014


Cherrybank Dental Spas have always ensured that their practices, and the staff who run them, are kept at the forefront of how best to serve their patients’ needs, keeping abreast of new and innovative approaches to improving patient outcomes from across varying sources and industries.

This June, the practices’ quarterly team meeting saw them spend the day with Michael Smith, Business Coach and Author of GO NAKED, a business and personal development book centred on how to build connections, relationships and improve outcomes in today’s new and evolving economy.

During the full-day workshop, the team considered how better to put their patients’ central to their thinking and over the course of the session, developed over 400 ways in which to create an even better patient experience, as both individuals and as a team.

Edinburgh’s Practice Manager, Jillian Melloy said, ‘The team and I found it to be a brilliant day – and the team even went as far as to say that it was the best external event they had participated in for a long time!’

Cherrybank’s Business Development Director, Steve Philip commented, ‘The whole day was very good. The practice managers were really enthused due to the professional and engaging style, coupled with a great balance of teaching, reinforcement, team building and motivation. I know all of us learned a great deal of useful stuff.’

The premise of Michael’s GO NAKED approach is based on the belief that in order to be more successful in any business, there is the need to strip away superfluous behaviour which doesn’t contribute to the development of stronger relationships and focus on a handful of principles which engender trust – principles which are inherent in successful teams and individuals regardless of the industry or business.

At the end of the session, Michael, who prior to embarking on a career as a Coach and Author was Invisalign’s Director or Sales for Europe said, ‘I’ve known Cherrybank and the team for some time and have always been impressed, not only at their approach to the patient experience, but their relentless desire to continue to develop and enhance that experience. So when the opportunity came to spend a day with the team it was an absolute pleasure and one I jumped at.’ He went on to say, ‘If any of the ideas that the team came up with contribute to their and their patient’s future success, then it’ll have been a day well spent!’

The next job for the team at Cherrybank is in deciding which of the 400 ideas to bring to life first!

You can find out more about what Michael does by clicking here.

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