Cherrybank Dental Transformations: Charlotte McGregor

By Cherrybank Admin / May 11th, 2018

Charlotte McGregor came to Cherrybank Dental Spa in January 2018 for a single appointment.

Charlotte disliked the spaces between her upper front four teeth and wanted to close them quickly.

As a makeup artist with Bobbi Brown, Charlotte felt that professionally and personally she was unable to smile as easily as she would have liked, due to the gaps in her teeth.

Cherrybank Dental Transformations: Charlotte McGregor   Cherrybank Dental Transformations: Charlotte McGregor

Dr Chris McCrudden recommended a treatment of composite bonding to close the spaces, creating good tooth proportion spread over Charlotte’s front six teeth.

Cherrybank Dental Transformations: Charlotte McGregor

Following her treatment, Charlotte has regained confidence in her smile and has been delighted with the overall experience and support from everyone at Cherrybank Dental Spa.

This is another great result for one of our patients!

At Cherrybank, we are always delighted to hear positive feedback from our patients, especially when the treatment has been a transformational experience. It is our goal is to care for your dental health, as well as improve your entire sense of well-being.

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Last updated May 11th, 2018