Cherrybank Dental Spa team invited to Ivoclar Vivadent HQ in Lichtenstein

By Phil / June 23rd, 2014

photo1Gail Kiddie, our senior dental therapist and myself were invited to attend the headquarters of Ivoclar Vivadent in Schaan in Lichtenstein. Ivoclar Vivadent are a privately owned global dental research and manufacturing company. They make many of the leading products in dentistry including Emax porcelain which is a pressed ceramic system which is used for making porcelain veneers and crowns and implant restorations. Ivoclar also produce a lot of the bonding agents which we use in adhesive dentistry including Variolink Veneer and Excite adhesive.


We were given a tour of the facility – some of which is top secret and we had to wear gowns, hair protectors and shoe covers – there were even beard protectors for the men! It was very interesting to see all the chemists and research scientists at work. The science which goes into the chemistry of bonding in the mouth is incredible. Although we often think like engineers, the mouth is a biological environment and so we are dealing with live cells, and a wet mouth. This makes the chemistry quite a challenge!


We learnt a lot on our visit to Lichtenstein, and were well looked after – even treated to a meal in a mountain-top restaurant which we reached by cable car! And we are still impressed by the fact that we flew to Switzerland, had lunch in Lichtenstein and slept in Austria! Many thanks to Chris Parker and his team at Ivoclar.


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