Cherrybank Dental Spa Practice Visit

By Phil / October 8th, 2013

Following the fantastic opportunity I was given four years ago to directly shadow Dr Elaine Halley, I was left in awe of her accomplishments and the incredible practice and ethos she had created at Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth. Dr Halley kindly gave me an insight into the world of cosmetic dentistry which confirmed my aspirations to peruse a career in dentistry.

Now in my final year of dental school I found myself yearning for the re-injection of inspiration that I found my first visit to the practice gave me. On the off-chance of finding an empty day in my busy timetable, I thought I would ask Cherrybank if they could accommodate me for another visit… and to my delight they were more than happy to have me come along to observe the team once again.

My stars must have been aligned as it turned out they had an implant day planned for that date! I of course was thrilled to hear his and was incredibly excited to start the day. After arriving at 8.30am I was introduced to the team working that day. This included the oral surgeon (implant dentist) Andy Legg, the dental technician Richard Clegg, the seditionist Nico Van Vuuren and cosmetic dentists Chris McCrudden, Elaine Halley and Harriet Morse.

To start the day of festivities I met a patient who was about to embark on an upper near full  mouth clearance (extractions of most of his upper teeth) in order to place four dental implants and an immediate fixed temporary bridge – all of which would be achieved in the same day! This is an incredible procedure known as “All – On – Four”, which allows patients who have failing dentitions to bypass the need for dentures and instead receive an immediate same day full arch dental replacement bridge.

I watched attentively as all members of the team worked seamlessly at providing exceptional expertise and skill during their individual roles. I was amazed at how relaxed the patient was throughout the procedure and how quickly it all went.

While the previous patient was recovering from his conscious sedation, I then managed to meet another patient who was about to undergo a maxillary sinus lift and graft. This patient had unfortunately suffered a failed implant while abroad and had returned to the practice to begin the process of repair. As there was insufficient bone left to place a new implant, she was to undergo a graft which after 6months of healing would allow for a new implant to be placed. Mr Legg made this delicate procedure look effortless and again I was hugely impressed at how well the patient coped with the procedure and how well every member of the team worked together in order to give the patient excellent care. Including what I thought was an extremely personable adjoining appointment with Dr Halley where the patient was reassured and given further follow up care for previous orthodontic and restorative treatment.


After lunch I then had the opportunity to sit with the first patient once he had recovered from the procedure. I was delighted to see how “well” he was and got to ask him how he thought it all went… He surprised me by saying it was “easy” and didn’t seem fazed by any of it! While munching on a well-deserved pot of yogurt the patient told me how he was looking forward to getting spoilt with some homemade soup while his implants healed. Soon after the technician was finished with the bridge which could then be placed directly in the mouth by the dentist. And wow what a transformation from earlier that morning, the patient was delighted and had a great looking smile to go home with!

All in all I had a fantastic day yet again and would just like to thank the patients and staff at Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth including Jill and Sam for arranging everything and looking after me… I was made to feel extremely welcome by you all and got to experience loads of interesting procedures, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this opportunity.

All the best,

Kerri-Lee Clark BDS5 (BSc Hons)

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