Cherrybank Awarded Prestigious DSD Clinic Status

By Phil / March 27th, 2015

At Cherrybank, we believe strongly in being at the forefront of innovation and technical advancements in the dental industry, and we really value the amount of time and effort our staff put into training and development.

We even travel around the world to discover the latest dentistry ideas and implement them in our practices back in Scotland, so that our patients can get the very best treatment from us.

So when Dr. Christian Coachman, the pre-eminent expert on Digital Smile Design and dental pioneer on patient communication put together a global conference with the best of the best from around the world, we had to be there.

Dr. Halley, Tessa (senior nurse from Edinburgh), Jillian (practice manager from Perth), and Gary (dental technician and master ceramist) all made the trip across the pond to Miami, to participate in the first ever Digital Smile Design Superweek!

What is DSD?

 Digital Smile Design is the revolutionary procedure we use to design the ideal smile for our patients.

Using digital technology including photography, video, scans and radiographs, we create a map of your mouth and the way you smile. All our specialists can then analyse these images to address any pressing issues.

From there, we can create a blueprint of what your ideal smile would look like, taking into account both worn and lost teeth, and any tooth movement that might be necessary. This blueprint gives you a perfect visualisation of what your new smile will look like, and can be adjusted to your exact specifications.

Becoming a DSD Clinic

We’ve already been implementing this incredible new treatment at Cherrybank for a few months. Our dental practices all have the capabilities of utilising DSD technology to give you the perfect smile.

And we’re extremely proud to announce that whilst we were at the DSD Superweek in Miami, Dr. Coachman awarded Cherrybank Dental Spa the highly prestigious title of ‘DSD Accredited Clinic’ in recognition of all the work we’ve accomplished with our patients.

There are currently only 38 accredited clinics in the world, and we’re really excited to be the first in the UK!

To become a DSD Accredited Clinic, and join this exclusive circle of globally renowned institutions, we had to demonstrate how we:

  • Always put patients first;
  • Provide excellence at every opportunity, and;
  • Apply DSD concepts to get successful results on every occasion.

We’re so pleased to receive this international recognition, and we’re looking forward to continuing to implement digital smile design services in our clinics, ensuring our patients receive all the benefits of a perfect smile!

Our patients are excited too!

One recent new visitor to our clinic who was happy with his front crowns said:

I am so excited now about the possibilities for my smile. This is exactly why I came to Cherrybank and the presentation on what could be achieved with my smile has exceeded my expectations but helped me to understand exactly what my options are. Thank you for listening.

Find out more information about our Digital Smile Design, or Contact Us to speak with one of our expert dentists.

Last updated January 29th, 2019