Cheeks Tears and Chins

By Phil / June 23rd, 2014


As part of the Masterclass Series, Dr Elaine Halley travelled to London last week to update her skills in the area of dermal fillers. This is using fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane which are based on hyaluronic acid to restore volume which we lose in our faces as we grow older.


Dr Halley was accompanied by her willing and able practice manager from our Edinburgh practice who had volunteered to be her model for the two days. Dr Bob Khanna is a great friend of Cherrybank and has trained many of our team members in the are of facial aesthetics. Dr Bob, who now also holds a Professor-ship at the University of Seville, was one of the first dentists to pioneer facial aesthetics being performed by dentists.


What I like about Dr Khanna’s training courses is that they focus on safety above all else.  Dr Khanna teaches us how to create, mould and sculpt a youthful look without being artificial – says Dr Halley.

The use of cannulas instead of needles is a step forwards in this area of aesthetic medicine. Cannulas are blunt ended, which means that we can now safely place fillers in areas where we would have previously been reluctant to introduce a needle. Areas such as tear troughs below the eye and cheeks can be naturally enhanced. Minor nose corrections can be made without the need for a full blown rhinoplasty (nose-job).


Gail reported ‘The use of the numbing cream and cannulas meant the whole process was virtually painless. I am a bit of a wimp and so was delighted!! My face looks amazing – I especially love my cheeks!’

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