Chasing Perfection – The Human Factor by Dr Elaine Halley

By Phil / March 7th, 2012

I was asked to speak at The Dentistry Show which is a large conference held every year at the NEC, Birmingham. My talk was about the human pursuit of beauty and attractiveness which is where aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry comes in to play.

What is interesting about us as human beings, is that we have many deep seated biases and drivers of our behaviour, which we often don’t recognise or appreciate. We generally go through life believing we are logical and rational.

In researching my topic, I found many interesting facts about our behaviour, including why we are drawn to certain objects as being beautiful, and others are not.

Take symmetry for example. We tend to be drawn towards symmetry, but not exact symmetry. Too much asymmetry just looks chaotic and is not pleasant to our eye. Absolute symmetry can be boring and uninteresting. For example – a brick wall. Rigid, repetitive. A stone wall. Unusual, more interesting.

The same applies with smiles. At Cherrybank we can certainly create perfect smiles. However, we also recognise that real beauty, or real attractiveness, comes from the little differences that make a smile look natural.

Many of the people who come to us and are unhappy with their smiles have been a victim of what I call ‘single tooth dentistry’. This can mean that they have a mish-mash of different colours, shapes and positions in their smile. They may or may not be completely healthy, but the overall effect on the eyes is not one of harmony.

By using digital photography, we can show you how we can redo certain aspects of a smile, to give a natural but attractive look. A smile that is not false, but your very own, and represents your best self.


A beautifully natural smile with minor imperfections


Another beautiful smile which is not ‘perfect’ or false but stunning.teeth7

This smile is starting to get a bit too chaotic to be pleasing to the eye. As the teeth are all healthy, invisible braces are an excellent option for treatment.teeth8

Single tooth dentistry has produced a mish-mash of colours and shapes. Smiles like this can be transformed with smile design and a beautiful, natural smile revealed.

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