Celebs go for shock factor – we do things differently

By Steve / August 25th, 2020

Blog post by Sam Ferrier – Cherrybank Dental Spa, Perth

You may have seen a certain “celeb’s” recent pics of her at the dentist having her teeth prepared for veneers!!! Let’s be honest this isn’t her best pic but anything for a bit of publicity or shock factor, I guess! However, these pics are certainly not the veneer preps of a conservative dentist and quite frankly look terrifying!!


Click here for the full article in The Daily Mail

Check out my before during and afters below.

I can speak from both professional experience working alongside our dentists and from personal experience of being in the dental chair. No one will ever have their teeth just randomly filed down to improve a smile!

At Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth, we plan your smile from the start – we know what your smile will look like before we touch your teeth. We have guides made so we are removing the bare minimum of healthy tooth – if any!! If you are requesting something that would lead to what we consider heavy preparation, you can rest assured we will be discussing moving your teeth first into a better position so less is drilled away!!

So what’s wrong with drilling lots away? Well in basic terms teeth are made up of layers, the more tooth you remove the closer you get to the internal layer. If this is damaged or irritated you may be in for a root canal treatment now or in the future – which means extra expense but also this tooth is now a weak link in your mouth as it will get brittle over time and could break and ultimately lead to tooth loss. Also, the more tooth you take away, the smaller and weaker the foundation is we are working upon. It all adds up to more problems for now or the future.

So in some cases, more tooth has to be taken away – for example, a crown, which completely covers a tooth (closer to what the celeb has) however we certainly wouldn’t be jumping to crown everything without good reason!

In short, if you are considering dental treatment, especially cosmetic dentistry, investigate your options, do your research and don’t believe everything you see in the media!!

Sam Ferrier 

Treatment Co-ordinator at Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth.

P.S. – Check out my before, during and after pics for an example of minimal prep for veneers! I had Invisalign to move them into a better position, trial smile, then prep for 4 veneers some gum contouring, and whitening.

Before Invisalign braces

After Invisalign teeth are straightened.


Minimal tooth preparation – compared to Katie


Before Veneers

After Veneers

P.P.S –  I’d be happy to chat to you if you have questions about your smile !

The Final Result


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Last updated August 25th, 2020