Bringing ICON treatment from Hamburg

By Phil / July 1st, 2013

In May this year I was invited back to the headquarters of dental company DMG in Hamburg. I was last there 5 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my return visit as part of a focus group.

DMG are a company that makes many of the dental products we use at Cherrybank Dental Spa. Included are impression materials that we use to make models of teeth for crowns, implants, bridges, dental veneers and implant work. DMG also make Luxatemp which is a very sophisticated material that we use for making temporaries in our smile design cases. Luxatemp also has a version which is impregnated with Zirconia which is very strong and be used in complex cases where bridges are involved and the temporaries need to be stronger.

Luxatemp comes in different shades and has a very natural looking glaze which we use over temporary veneers to let our patients preview how their final, porcelain veneers may look.

The trip to Hamburg includes a factory tour. It is fascinating to see how the materials we use in dentistry are manufactured and how the research and development is implemented.

The chief scientist Felix Wohl gave us a lecture on material science. This included the latest advances in adhesive dentistry – basically everything to do with sticking things to teeth! And their new product ICON is fascinating. This is a preventive product that has been developed by DMG to treat white spots and early decay without the need to drill away tooth structure. Icon works by cleaning the tooth and then penetrating the surface enamel with a clear resin which then seals the surface, improving the optical qualities and preventing the progression of early decay.

Some people are born with white spots and sometimes brown spots in their enamel. It is usually a change in the mineral content and if it is on front teeth it can be unsightly. However, it may not be bad enough to justify porcelain veneers or to want to damage the integrity of the tooth by drilling.

I am excited to be introducing ICON to Cherrybank Dental Spa as part of our minimal intervention solution to creating beautiful smiles!


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