Biosafety at Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth

By Steve / June 9th, 2020

As we begin to return to face-to-face treatment in line with the Scottish Government’s road map, I thought I would outline the specific measures that we have put in place – some for now and some for always as we enter the New Normal of Dentistry.

There is a theoretical concern that as COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, that the aerosol or spray created during dental procedures can carry the virus into the air of the room.

To date, there are no confirmed cases globally of transmission of the virus during dental treatment, but at Cherrybank Dental Spa we want to go over and above the base level guidelines to be sure that we protect ourselves and our patients.


  1. Dentair Air Filtration. These room air filters have UV and HEPA filters and have shown to kill corona viruses and clean the air of a treatment room completely within 5-10 minutes. We ordered ours at the beginning of lockdown and they will be delivered and installed by the 30th These air filters are good for general cleaning of air including pollen so will be good practice for the long term.

    Dentair Air Filtration


  2. Hypochlorous Fogging – although we feel a bit like the cast of ghostbusters, we have invested in a fogger which can deep clean all areas of the practice. Hypochlorous Acid is very safe to humans but toxic to viruses. It has been used for many years to clean fruit and is used in many brands of eye drops.

    Hypochlorous Fogging

  3. High Volume Suction. Although we have always operated with good suction, we have changed procedures to be sure that we have four-handed dentistry or additional suction with special devices. This makes sure that any aerosol generated is collected and not allowed to move into the room.
  4. Increased use of rubber dam. This is a rubber sheet which isolates the tooth or teeth that we are working on so that we can swab them antiseptic and reduce the saliva flow in specific areas. We have always used this for root treatments and other procedures and it has been shown to be very effective.
  5. Virtual Consultations. Some of you have experienced these during lockdown already! We have a few ways to do this including Invisalign’s platform. These will be essential going forwards for speaking to you before appointments, the first part of your dental health reviews etc. The main reason for this is that we believe that masks do limit communication. We will look and sound different but we are still the same friendly people underneath! Video consults will let you have discussions and ask questions from the comfort of your own home without all the clinical equipment that we now need.

The entire team at Cherrybank is looking forward to welcoming you back and continuing to look after your dental health and well-being!




Last updated June 9th, 2020