Beware of Cheap Dental Treatment Abroad

By Phil / August 13th, 2012

In a global economy, dentistry can always be found ‘cheaper’ elsewhere. Like in many other industries, different countries have different labour laws, materials regulations and overheads in general so that dentists in other countries can offer dentistry at a cheaper price. However, we are increasingly seeing the downside of people who are choosing to travel abroad for their dental treatment.


A colleague of mine recently showed me some photographs in our Edinburgh practice of dental implants which had been placed in India. Three of the implants just pulled straight out of the patient’s bone and were covered in infection.

In another case, I had a patient who had had an implant placed in a clinic in Nigeria. When he went back to complain, the clinic was gone! He is now facing a painful and expensive procedure to remove this dental implant.

There are different kinds of dental implants. There are different kinds of porcelain veneers. The dental materials used by dentists in the UK are all certified as safe for use. The materials that we use in Cherrybank in Perth and Edinburgh are all well researched and considered the best available. Dental implants in particular are placed into your bone. This is not a procedure to compromise on price! This is a surgical procedure and it is important to know that not only will the surgeon stand by their work, but also the company who manufactures the material.

There are new implant companies appearing almost daily. There are many companies sending their porcelain work (crowns and veneers) to China or India where the unit cost is much lower. However, this is not jewellery. These items are going into your mouth or into your bone and traceability, quality and guarantees are very difficult if these procedures are carried out abroad.

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Last updated May 2nd, 2018