Annual Dental Survey Warns Over Mouth Cancer

By Phil / May 9th, 2012

An annual dental survey carried out by Simplyhealth revealed that 70% of people in Edinburgh didnt actually know the mouth cancer symptoms to look out for.

Symptoms of mouth cancer include an ulcer that won’t heal, a lump or difficulty in chewing. Across Britain, 3% of respondents said they believed kissing could increase chances of developing mouth cancer.

Dentist Dr. Elaine Halley advises everyone to “make the most of their dental appointments and voice any questions or queries they may have related to mouth cancer and symptoms”.

Cherrybank dental is the only practice in Scotland that operates a Velscope. A Velscope lets us see deeper into the skin meaning a very early lesion can be identified. It can also capture images so that a suspect lesion can be monitored or sent to an oral surgeon if nesessary.

Call us today to book an Oral Cancer Screening.

You can view the 2012 Simplyhealth Annual Dental Survey results here.

Last updated May 2nd, 2018