An exciting day for the Cherrybank Dental Spa Edinburgh team

By Phil / June 11th, 2013

Cherrybank Dental Spa was thrilled to carry out  a day of Fixed Teeth in a Day dental implants on Tuesday 4th June in Edinburgh.

Our Fixed Teeth in a Day treatment is a fantastic option for patients who have missing or failing teeth, and want to be able to smile confidently again. It is so exciting to have patients leave with transformed smiles in just one day!

The day began with the arrivals of our top surgeon and sedationist, who work fantastically together with Dr. Halley and Richard our master ceramist to create a dazzling result for our patient.

The whole Cherrybank team worked together to ensure the patient’s comfort at all times. This included regularly checking if the patient was warm enough (and providing a cosy blanket if not!), checking they were comfortable, and making sure their blood sugars were up by providing a lovely smoothie at the end of the procedure. Our patients were amazing, and we couldn’t have been more excited to see their beautiful new smiles!

Of course, our care for our patients doesn’t end there. We always check how everything is after the procedure has been carried out and everyone has returned home. We have received glowing reports from patients and their family members, who couldn’t believe that the transformation could take place in just one day.

Fixed Teeth In A Day dental implants is one of the treatments that literally transform the patient’s life. It gives them back the confidence to smile, laugh, relax and eat in public without the worry and embarrassment  of unsightly or loose teeth or dentures.

This exciting treatment certainly creates an exciting day for us, with patients arriving in the morning with teeth they have always hated, and leaving just hours later with stunning new smiles. We can’t wait to have another day like this, when we will see more patients’ lives transformed!



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Last updated May 2nd, 2018