Advancing Digital Smile Design Technology

By Steve / August 31st, 2015

Dr Elaine Halley and Dr Harriet Morse were recently invited to join a group of only 15 international dentists in Mallorca for a dedicated focus group on DSD – Digital Smile Design.

The dentists are part of a study group from the Kois centre in Seattle and included specialists from the US, Canada and Hong Kong. The sessions were led by Dr Christian Coachman from Brazil who has pioneered the technology which we use in our DSD Accredited clinics in Edinburgh and Perth.

Implementing DSD into treatments

Dr Halley was also asked to do a lecture on how we implement DSD processes in real life!

The technology is moving on very quickly – and we learnt how we can use iPhone HD video capabilities to take HD video of your smile, and then freeze frame the video to gain step by step photos.

Many studies have shown how different dynamic smiling is to static smiling and so as part of diagnosis and discussing with someone how they would like to change their smile, video capture is invaluable.

In introducing Dr Halley, Dr Coachman said ‘Elaine is one of only 5 dentists worldwide who have taken this concept and really integrated it into her practices. This means that her patients are truly benefitting from the smile design related to the face, producing results that are in harmony and are predictable.’

Virtual labs for the best results

Our master ceramist Gary Jenkinson was also part of this focus group and his involvement is critical as he then manufactures the porcelain or dental implant structures which are required to transform a smile.

We also learnt about the exciting new digital virtual laboratory which is being pioneered by Dr Coachman. Art Dental Studio, which is Gary’s laboratory, will partner with the Xplora Laboratory so that we can ensure that we bring the best digital treatment planning to our patients in Cherrybank Dental Spa.

The way of the future

Digital Smile Design 1The focus group discussed CBCT scans too (3-D scans that are used to plan implant placement), and how to link them to smile designs and provide guides for surgeons as to where we need the implants to be placed for optimum results.

This is the way of the future and it’s very exciting!

The sun was shining in Mallorca – so this focus group was definitely not a chore – but we worked hard and have more knowledge to bring back to Cherrybank!

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Last updated May 2nd, 2018