Fixed Teeth In A Day

All On Four in Edinburgh and Perth

Many patients have an understandable fear of losing their teeth, even if those teeth are not in a good condition.

At Cherrybank, we can bring together our team of experts, combined with excellent care and support, to help you to move from failing teeth to fixed teeth and regaining the confidence in your smile, in one day and without the need for a denture. This procedure is sometimes called All On Four.

We combine the natural smile cosmetic skills Dr Elaine Halley, with highly skilled implant surgeons, a master dental technician on site who can adapt your smile to your specification and a sedationist who can reduce any anxiety and help you to cope with the procedure.

All of this can be done in one day, without you needing to leave the comfort of our premises. We will take care of your every need, keep you secure and well-fed and you leave with a new smile, fixed in.

We have many patients who have benefitted from this approach to total care and it is suitable for failing teeth, removing partial dentures or for stabilising full dentures. Many of the techniques we can use are suitable even if you have been told in the past that you would not be suitable for dental implants or that you might need extensive bone grafting first. In many cases, this can be avoided.

Fixed Teeth In A Day or All On Four can often end up costing less than alternatives such as dentures.

Every one is unique with individual concerns and situation. At Cherrybank, we believe it is our job to properly assess your whole mouth, listen to your concerns and then let you know all the options that modern dentistry has to offer. It is our mission to help you to make the right decision for your future – the right decision for you.

For many patients, this is moving from repeated extensive dentistry to a simpler solution – Fixed Teeth in a Day.

Call us on 0845 130 9445 to speak to one of our team about Fixed Teeth In A Day or All On Four treatments. Alternatively fill out a contact form and we will call you back.


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